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       “ I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”




Mark twain American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer.- APPBAAP.COM
Mark Twain- An American Writer, humorist, Entrepreneur, Publisher, and Lecturer.

Mark Twain said these above lines. Yes, I believe that every knowledge is still placed in Google anywhere on the web but you are the only one who must know how to fetch that knowledge.


Ahhhh!!! When talks about education?  which is the most important factor to survive for people. A child comes in this world to grow and survive for the living, shelter, cloth which is the primary priority of every person.

We see today that people are desiring more than that of what they are earning but even though they lack in knowledge after Google became the deepest ocean of knowledge. 


After taking too much knowledge which is limitless one can increase his goals and target to do much better in his life. But, many people use this internet just for an entertainment purpose.


Yeah!! Entertainment is necessary in life but one must watch only at their boring times in the                                            whole day because people keep on clicking or moving from one video to another or                                                            playing one game after the other. 




Learning virtual reality skills-
Don’t Let your Gadget Misuse


Aren’t we making us useless and unhealthy?


keeping away from the reality that one day everyone has to earn for a living?. I have watched so many little growing children losing their childhood by less watching cartoons and playing outdoor and indoor games, but they only in search of a tablet or mobiles at home to use it that makes them addicted in their very small age.


Aren’t we misusing the gadgets?


“ Children must be taught how to think and not what to think”

Magret Mead- Famous Author-
Famous Author

-By  Margaret Mead









Thanks a lot to Margaret Mead who wrote these lines that tells so much about the mental state of people in just only one sentence. 

Do you agree that we are chasing something but we are not thinking in the right way?

But just we want to think. It’s not anybody mistake not our own.

It is what we get from our known ones. But,  it ‘s too difficult to focus on how to think. Isn’t it?


Are we dreaming to fulfill the needs in the future?


To dream for our future it’s good, To learn something that’s better, To initiate our dreams is best and To achieve our needs it’s excellent.


Focus on what you need first then think and get knowledge enough with the expressing of thoughts after that you can use your knowledge to get growth in your career and then work harder to get your dreams to be fulfilled sooner.


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”



St Augustine A Famous Philosopher - APPBAAP.COM
A Famous Philosopher

– By St. Augustine











People need to explore the world or their own local area instead, sitting idle at home. The world is a book literally, the world is a book and people who love to travel anytime or are engaged with these  things then they are really connecting themselves to their career 

It was a time when I was like a person who just wants to sit at homes and I did, that makes me bore.

Then, I chose my way to write, experience places, loving the nature, goggling eyes to the beautiful nature scenes which have given me thoughtful mind ideas and even helped a lot in studies.

Let’s take a look over what I have brought for you in the education field.


Here I have 4 applications where you can start learning anything online.



 1. Udemy online course


Yeah!! no need to go tuition.




Udemy Learning Skills-
    Increase your skills with Udemy Learning Application


Is there is anything cheaper than books and heavy paid tuition to get any knowledge we want to have in any field?


Do you know why I asked questions in my content every time?


Some person will understand my perception, some may not but others have to understand. It is because I make my readers curious to get any knowledge about it.

When I print a question mark it means that something is serious, something is very knowledgeable but one must understand what I have written below scrolling down the page with a quick-witted mind losing down the enjoyment of a written topic.



It’s just like that a focused mind always gets the knowledge to acquire. A wise only knows how to control his mind to read knowledgeable content that doesn’t matter the amount of time taken to read it.


Well, coming back to online education. Yes, we are having  Udemy which is cheaper than any other heavy paid tuition and we can even download videos or the lessons while buying the course. 



Udemy course



What are the categories available to learn in Udemy?



  • Development 
  • Business
  • IT & Software
  • Office productivity
  • Personal Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography
  • Health and fitness
  • Music
  • Teaching and Academics







Subcategories are-



  • Development- Web Development, Mobile Apps, Programming Languages, Game Development, Databases, Software Testing, Software Engineering, Development Tools, E-Commerce.


  • Business- Finance, Entrepreneurship, Communications, Management, Sales, Strategy, Operations, Project Management, Business Law, Data & Analytics, Home Business, Human Resources, Industry, Media, Real Estate.


  • IT & Software- IT Certification, Network & Security, Hardware, Operating Systems.


  • Office Productivity- Microsoft, Apple, Google, SAP, Oracle.


  • Design- Web Design, Graphic Design, Design Tools, User Experience, Game Design, Design Thinking, 3D & Animation, Fashion, Architectural Design, Interior Design.


  • Marketing- Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Marketing Fundamentals, Analytics & Automation, Public Relations, Advertising, Video & Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Affiliate Marketing, Product Marketing.


  • Lifestyle- Arts & Crafts, Food Beverage, Beauty & Makeup, Travel, Gaming, Home Improvement, Pet Care & Training.


  • Photography- Digital Photography, Photography Fundamentals, Portraits, Photography Tools, Commercial Tools, Video Design.


  • Health & Fitness- Fitness, General Health, Sports, Nutrition, Yoga, Mental Health, Dieting, Self Defence, Self Defence, Safety & First Aid, Dance, Meditation.


  • Music- Instruments, Production, Music Fundamentals, Vocal, Music Techniques, Music Software.


  • Teaching & Academics- Engineering, Humanities, Math, Online Education, Science, Social Science, Language, Teacher training, Test prep, Other Teaching & Academics.



You can select any of the above subcategories after choosing your choice of category. 



Udemy Top Instructors-




What will happen after choosing your own choice of subcategory?


You will reach to all the teacher’s store page that will present their teachings which they are selling and also the lessons that would be discussed. It will show you the complete course inclusion like what you will be learning after buying the course, Description about the course and its requirements to become a learned person.


Note:- But you must first read all the description given before paying money. Also, you can see the rating and comments given by their students who had already bought the teacher’s courses. 


Don’t worry they are cheaper in costs!



Udemy Featured courses-



What more you can do?


You can also become an instructor if you have any knowledge in any of these categories then you can explain them well by clicking on Account options.


If you liked the course details you have the option to put them in the wishlist and can buy later.  Top courses are presented in the featured option and you can search your own course.


Want to surf the Application to gather knowledge?



Install and Download the application from the Google Play Store. Just click the Link.




2. BYJU’S The Learning App


The light of enlightenment 




BY JU'S learning app- APPBAAP.COM
                                     Get free video Sessions with ByJU’S app




What does the BYJU’S app present?


That was a time in 2015 when I took my decision to grow my career in government jobs and I was paying money taking tuitions where I have to sit with 800-900 people in a batch that looked hogwash.

I was trapped in that incident and paid the complete fees to the institutes who committed me around 50 people in a batch and even did not know that online will help me a lot.

That was a struggling time where I had no idea to find this type of application that would help me in my career growth and in the beginning of 2016, my course was completed where I did not get any knowledge of how to crack an exam.

In 2017 BYJU’S was advertising themselves by the Bollywood king  Shahrukh Khan on TV channels and online social media websites. I checked the application on Google Play Store and installed and open the application where it was given around 50,000+ videos, tests, quizzes, games, interactive lessons and much more.

I watched many videos related to Data Interpretation, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Interview Puzzles, GD & PI in campus recruitment category.

So I learned at that time what the topic was all about. I like to study in a peaceful place where I am the only student and then BYJU’S helps me a lot in gaining knowledge either it was for exam preparation or when I need to teach my cousins about the topics of their high school classes.







What does the app contain?


  • 6th grade
  • 7th grade
  • 8th grade
  • 9th grade
  • 10th grade
  • 11th & 12th grade
  • 11th grade- commerce
  • 4th grade
  • 5th grade
  • CAT
  • IAS
  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • Bank PO
  • Campus Recruitment


These are classes (grades) that have information of topics relating like Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Competitive exams and many more topics which have their own subtopics as we upgrade the class we will get to know more about our choice of topics.

The options that this application is having  IAS, CAT, GMAT, GRE, Bank PO and many more. Where all the online classes of many topics are already there. This is too good for our newcomers who are already struggling in getting jobs in the government sectors.

You will also get to know about its popular videos and BYJU’S Corner videos.


If you want a smart work then install BYJU’S for your bright future.


Download and install the application. Click Link.



3.  LinkedIn: learning online course to learn skills


 Lead me to Creativity, Technology and then Business.



LinkedIn online Learning course
              Acquire Your 1 Month Free Trial With LinkedIn Learning App




It was the only way to launch a business after learning about technology and do something creative in a given environment.

I left my career of growth in the government sector because I knew that I am something more passionate about,  that’s trying to come out from inside to update me and my skills.


More Failure Makes More Experienced!  Isn’t it?


A voice always comes from inside me since childhood that I can do much better and I chose to be available on social media. Where I was finding my job in IT sector and at first I saw the LinkedIn application and installed it to update profile to get jobs.


But when I found that only an experienced person can get jobs, I graduated at that time. So I thought something is missing.

Surfing on Google took me to learn online course to upgrade skills which were launched by LinkedIn.

I got the 1-month free trial where I checked three topics given Business, Technology and creative.

I had a keen interest in these categories and then I downloaded all the required classes provided in the course which made me learn a lot from this application and I came to know the required software where I could work upon.



Let’s discuss what the application presented to us.







All about its categories and sub-categories.


  • Business


  1. Business software and tools.
  2. Career Development
  3. Customer Service
  4. Finance and accounting
  5. Human Resource
  6. Leadership & Management
  7. Marketing
  8. Professional Development
  9. Project Management
  10. Sales
  11. Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  12. Training & Education


  • Creative


  1. AEC
  2. Animation & Illustration
  3. Audio & Music
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Motion Graphics and VFX
  6. Photography
  7. Product & Manufacturing
  8. User Experience
  9. Video
  10. Visualization & Real-Time
  11. Web Design


  • Technology


  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Data Science
  3. Database Management
  4. DevOps
  5. IT Help Desk
  6. Mobile Development
  7. Network & System Administration
  8. Security
  9. Software Development
  10. Web Development



Doesn’t seems this application is too cool?


My profile seems to get an update, This application provided me and turn my simple profile into a professional one.

We always look something better for us and I chose something much different.

If anything I want to learn in advance I buy that subject which is cheaper in Udemy online learning course.

That’s a very different way to approach the competition where we have to learn and then earn.




LinkedIn Settings





After creating your account you can also check


  • Your account
  • Videos settings
  • Download settings
  • Background Play
  • Notifications
  • About
  • User agreement
  • End-user agreement
  • Privacy policy
  • Additional terms
  • Send a Feedback


Add your skills on LinkedIn Learning App- APPBAAP.COM


You can add your skills if you have learned any course from Linkedin as there is an additional option in LinkedIn in Home button to add a skill.

There is another tab in this application which provides you to learn most-in demand skills to find any content in Business, Technology and Creative from Industry Experts.



They provide courses and gives proper  knowledge where you can see


  • An overview of particular content
  • question and answers asked by the people
  • Instructor bio, how many people like the course
  • how many are the member of the course
  • how many have viewed the course
  • what are the contents that will be covered in the course
  • what the expert do and where they work and the other courses related to the category selected by you.


This is a fantastic application to acquire knowledge, add skills, attract LinkedIn Recruiters and make yourself a focused man to fulfill goals.


Get yourself updated today. Download and install the application. Just click this Link.



4. Electrical Technology


Let’s play with Electric charge game!! 




Electrical Technology App -
             Update your knowledge in Electrical Engineering




The ultimate application particularly chosen for electrical circuits brain masters. I salute to those Legends who listens to the heart of distress people that wants to grow their career in electrical engineering.

 Engineer Wasim Khan has made an application named Electrical Technology which contains too much information about electrical circuits like calculating Voltage Drop, Checking the electrical wires and cable size calculator ( copper and aluminum).

You can also calculate parallel resistors, voltage divider rule, the required value of Resistors for LEDs circuits, IC 555 Timer  calculator, Battery capacity calculator, Wire and Cable size calculator in AWG, Cramer’s rule calculator for 2*2 and 3*3 ( which is called as two or three equations systems), Zener Diode and Zener Voltage Regulator Calculator, Power / Voltage / Current & Resistance Calculator ( P, V, I, R ).


These are the calculators that are already present in this application and after that, there is something more pieces of stuff which is very helpful for electrical students.




Electrical technology application Dashboard- APPBAAP.COM




Let’s know something more about this application.



  • Basic Concepts


  1. Types of modulation techniques used in communication skills.
  2. What is Rectifier? Types of Rectifiers and their operations
  3. Solid-state relay (SSR) – Types of SSR Relays – Construction & Operation.
  4. Types of Diodes & their Applications – 24 Types of Diodes.
  5. Different Types of Relays their Construction, Operation, and its Applications.
  6. Capacitors & Types of Capacitors l Fixed, Variable, Polar & Non- Polar.
  7. How to test a Diode using Digital & Analog Multimeter – 4 Ways.
  8. Insulating & Dielectric Materials – Types, Properties, and Applications.
  9. What is Fuzzy Logic system – Operations, Examples, Advantages & Applications?
  10. What is ATMega Microcontrollers & How to make an LED project with it?


Study with accurate knowledge in electrical technology applications



  • Electrical & Electronics Notes


  1. Basics Electronics Engineering Interview Questions & Answers.
  2. Capacitor & Types of Capacitors l Fixed, Variable, Polar & Non – Polar.
  3. Exclusive OR (XOR) Digital Logic Gate.
  4. MV & HV Cable Termination to Equipment & Joints.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Electrical Works.
  6. Types & Characteristics for Surge Arresters.
  7. NOR & NAND Implement  – Two Level & Multilevel Implementation.
  8. Binary Decoder- Constructions, Types & Applications.
  9. DEMUX- Demultiplexer l Types, Constructions & Applications.
  10. MUX-  Digital Multiplexer l Types, Constructions and Applications.



  • Basic Electronics


  1. Types of Amplitude Modulation (AM) – Advantages & Disadvantages
  2. Basics Electronics Engineering Interview Questions & Answers.
  3. Types of Digital Logic Gates- Boolean Logic Truth tables & Applications
  4. Analog to Digital Converter- Block Diagram, Factors & Applications.
  5. Modulation-  Classification & Types of Analog Modulation.
  6. Types of Modulation Techniques used in Communication systems.
  7. Introduction to Signals, Types, Properties, Operation & Application.
  8. What is Quantization & Sampling? Types & Laws of Compression.
  9. How to perform a Continuity Test for Electrical Components with Multimeter?
  10. Types of Low Pass Filters- RL & RC Passive Filters and it’s examples.



Do you want to know how the Solar Systems works?



  • Solar Power System


  1. How to Wire Auto & Manual Changeover & Transfer Switch (1- 3  Phase).
  2. An Overview of Energy Conservation in Buildings
  3. How to Make a Simple Solar Cell? Working of Photovoltaic Cells?
  4. Integration of Renewable Energy with Grid System.
  5. PV: Types of Solar Panel & which one is the best PV Panel.
  6. Solar Panel system Library.
  7. A complete Guide about Solar Panel installation. Step by Step procedure with Calculation & Diagrams.
  8. How to Calculate the Battery Charging Time & Battery Charging Current  – Example.
  9. How to Get Connection from Solar Panel. The backside of Solar Panel Junction Box and The Function of Diodes in it.
  10. General requirements for the Solar Panel System Installation.



Are you sure to get knowledge in repairing & troubleshooting tricks and techniques in electrical devices? Check it out How?



  • Repairing and troubleshooting


  1. How to Perform a Continuity Test for Electrical Components with Multimeter
  2. How to Test a Relay? checking SSR and Coil Relays.
  3. Failures in Electrical Systems, Equipments & Materials.
  4. Working in Confined Spaces- Hazards and Safety.
  5. Working on De-Energized Electric Circuits, Networks & Equipment.
  6. How to Test a Diode using Analog & Digital Multimeter – 4 ways.
  7. All about Electrical Protection Systems, Devices & Units.
  8. Maintenance of Transformer- Power Transformers Maintenance, Diagnostics & Monitoring.
  9. Submarine Cables- Construction, Characteristics, Cables Laying & Joints.
  10. Design of Grounding / Earthing System in a Substation Grid.




Download and install the application. Just click this Link.



Welcome to the Electrical Technology Website made by Wasim Khan. Special Thanks to him where he uploads the latest articles all about Electrical Technology.





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