Will Voice Modulator App really help in pitch switch? A Quick Review.

Voice changer- Will Voice Modulator App really help in pitch switch? A Quick Review.- appbaap.com


 Entertainment isn’t a Mimicry of actors with god gifted voice modulator App.

“Is good thoughts always lead to a person entertained in life

Or depressed people must be first entertained?”



Had I written something wrong?

Well, I don’t think so nor I do hesitate to express my feelings. I have always seen too many people who are good and others are negative in their thoughts.  But both the two categories defines a person with the source of their entertainment. If I talk about negative ones who think like greedy dogswild cats and feels like a ‘King of their jungles’. Their ego made them harm anyone that’s not for one moment or one time. Negative people use a voice modulator app for voice duplication with the vocal cords.


In doing this what they get?


nope! It’s entertainment. Yes, they entertain themselves in making fool of others. They get happiness by doing these things.

If bad people get entertained like doing these shitty things then what the good one does?


A good question but not as difficult to explain. Good people are nice ones, sweet from their hearts. They never keep their step away from challenges as they love challenges. Anger is their enemy. They don’t fight rather involving in fights or dispute. They avoid dispute leaving the topic the same. They hold grudges in mind about the nature of people and how to react in a particular situation. Since their childhood, they can learn a thing to educate them as better as possible. They even have great goals and big dreams in their life while some of them think of becoming  Artist. Others targets to become Anchors, Sportsman, Designers, Writers, Poets, Comedian, Celebrities.

Voice Modulator App - appbaap.com
Interest makes people love their passion to get peace.

But, what do you think about how they become what they dreamed of?

Many famous people in any field we see today have learned from their past. They were not perfect people in the world, they made mistakes and failed. After, keep focusing on their mistakes they were able to get things achievements. It can be any type of mistake either it is a relation, work or any situation. Today they are happy and have they achieved what they wished for. It only happened to them because they always entertained themselves by watching films, series, passion for music, drawing, sketching, painting, reading novels, comics, singing, doing poetry, traveling and helping people. Anything that made them today an entertainer.

“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.”
― Walt Disney  



Do you think why am I talking about different Entertainment categories for people?

Entertainment is a big thing and is compulsory too. Whatever, we see today is all by Entertainers that were being Entertained a lot in their past by others. This is the best defines the word ‘Entertainment’ and I love this word.

Have you watched Bollywood film of an Indian Actor Akshay Kumar named  ‘Entertainment’? When he says three times Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment! I love that my favorite of all times even I do love to Entertain the Audience. That’s the best thing I am expressing something and written about Entertainment. Akshay Kumar who is like the voice modulator app that would even change his voice if asked him to perform.


Do you want to be an Entertainer in life? Do you think to get Entertained?

It does not matter that entertainment is for those who want riches and fame. But, we do for our own peace of mind and for someone to whom we want to see them happy always.
People are searching for amazing applications on the Play Store on mobile phones. Here, I am having 5 applications in front of you to get yourself Entertained and you will love it after using these. Let’s get started with my best review about  Voice modulator app.



  I am the vengeance, I am the night, I am BATMAN!


Voice Modulator App - appbaap.com
Play Store best-reviewed Voice changer app in a ton of Apps. Get it today from Play Store.

Are you Surfing an audio voice changer on the internet- best voice modulator app?

In my childhood days, I was completely a cartoon freak and a voice changer. I enjoyed the voices of new characters like Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Popeye like every child loves. I need to call voice changer sound to myself. Like, these cartoon characters whenever I have my cousin infants. I love to entertain them with my voice enhancer. I tried a lot in which I got succeed making the best voice changer of one or two that when I play I make my loved ones happy.

Then I thought about my Entertaining life that how much I Entertain children. I was surfing some of the voice change apps like this. I found this application on Google Play Store that has only limited characters that make a cry baby happy. So, I download and install this application which is a simple voice changer to use with a sound changing app

 Get to know how to use it to change your voice!


I open the application and I saw it is a voice changer software with only two tab options record and saved. I cannot click on saved because it was the first time I open the application nor did I record yet. So I click on the record tab. Then the cartoon character list gets open that shows characters like Hulk, Batman, Minion.  As the application is voice changer recorder that records the current voice. It switches the pitch to get voice changer with effects.

So I started to record the voices in this voice changer app of different characters and It made me happy that when I need to play any of the cartoon voice I need to speak anything after clicking on that particular character and then the recording tab. It is like a Voice changer device or a Voice changer mobile having an ultimate voice. It was a funny voice changer or we can say this application is a live voice changer app. This is a magic voice app in the Google Play Store.

After completing, I  listened and get delighted that the voices are too funny as well as the same effects in the voices like these characters have and there is no change.

I started scaring my friends on Whatsapp with the voices of like Magnetron, Ultron, Kylo Ren, Smaug and with many more and this has happened for a few minutes with many of my friends.

HaaHaHaHaaa!!! I know it’s crazy but I told those about myself who got scared a lot in just 2-minute after continuously sending voices, I continue playing games. It was amazing fun that day with the voice app. This is the voice changer apk link below. It is the top voice modulator app.

Would you like to play? Just download and install it, just click on the link.






    We are real robots we are hidden with our voices.


Voice Modulator App - appbaap.com
Change your voice with amazing effects. It has lots of voice effect feature that even you can use it in your commercial as well as non-commercial projects.

What are the effects of a female voice changer or a male voice changer application?

If we are searching voice changer calling male to female then, this application is a voice changer male to female that has more extra effects than VOICE CHANGER- SUPER VOICE EFFECTS EDITOR RECORDER.

The extra effects that I am talking about are not the cartoon effects. This is another level application which has effects like small creature, Optimus Robot, Telephone, Dragon, Nervous, cathedral, etc. I used all the effects and it was superb amazing application also, these effects are not limited but we can say it a male voice changer or a voice converter that converts male to female voice changer or female to male voice changer with its provided effects. We can call voice change apps that has a feature of free voice changer app or a sound changer app.

Do we get more entertainment in the voice adjustor app?

Yes, a lot if we are bored or maybe we had a tiring day we can download this application that has super call changer effects. Sometimes we need somebody to tease in our house and this application makes us entertained also those to whom we are teasing.


What benefits do we get from the voice modulator app?


Have a Magic Voice in this magic call voice changer app! As we know about the magic voice changer. So, let’s check this after I download and installed the first time in my phone I open the application and I saw effects I played all of them and none of the effects work. To make it work I have to first record my voice saying anything by clicking on the blue mike button before selecting any effect and then play it by selecting any of the effects. Then, I played the voices with these effects. The voices were amazing

Do You like Voice change App?

Read more about the voice app or a call changer app.


Let’s talk about some more features of this application of a voice modulator app


Saved recordings-  Here you are having voice changer recorder that plays records of your saved voices. You can save the recordings on your phone and this option will also tell the details of the recordings like when the recording was made. Its date, time and name as well. It has two libraries simple voice with effects and a  piano recording effects like a singer voice changer making his voice with unique melodies through vocal cords. Also, If you are thinking to use these voices in your commercial projects these will be helpful for you as they are sound changing app that would like by the clients if they need a girl voice changer. It can be call voice changer girls at times when we use it. So, it may help you in getting a shill voice.

Piano recordings- In Piano recording after creating your voice click on piano option then click on any of the keys of a piano which has different effects and if you have to record the piano effect click on record button then play any of the keys given in a piano. It will get saved in the piano library after clicking on the save option.

Check out a quick video. Because it is one of my favorite Voice Modulator App.


IMPORTANT NOTE 1: – You can only play the current voices if you have recorded your voice by clicking on the given recording blue mike in piano or choosing the effects manually.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: – This app is not a voice changer during call or you can say a voice changer app during call but a voice modulator app.


Are you looking for a video voice changer app or a voice modulator app?


Voice Tooner – It is video sound changer. This is another feature of the application which is another Entertainment application name Voice Tooner which is presented by Baviux co. This application has extra effects in which it has many different characters which are having different voices that perform after recording your voice. You can record the video and send it to your loving ones. This application is like an unlimited fun that I have experienced.

  • Get more effects – You will also get more effects by choosing this option. I have tried new effects like a fly, Hexafluoride- a helium voice changer, etc. And these were cool and amazing funny effects.
  • Import pre-recorded sound– It has the option to import pre-recorded sound either from the device or from the saved recordings created in the saved recorded library.
  • Create voice from the text- The voice can also be created after writing text, saving it and then playing the audio choosing any effects or by the piano.
  • Delete current recording- Suppose if you recorded any creepy voice then you have the delete option for a current recording that you made.

This application is too amazing that will make your boring day a funny and loving one with a chipmunk voice changer.  Do you need voice changer app download?

check out a quick video. This is the best cartoon sound changer or we can say it cartoon video with voice modulator app.

You can download the application and then make a video voice changer, click on the link.




Are you a prankster? Prank your friends with only a lie.


Lie Detector test prank App- appbaap.com
Test your friends the real about you with this lie detector test in your hand


Let’s come up with another app changer?

I start to prank on people when I had a boring day sometimes I used to play truth or dare with my friends where I made the mouth of the bottle always heavy so that I can ask them to choose truth or dare and it was funny that time. I want something new to prank. After all, I am an application addicted person.

So, I started searching for a prank application in which I found LIE DETECTOR TEST PRANK when I open and experienced the application with my brother. The first question I asked about his Girl-friend he said I don’t have any girl-friend and I pushed the volume down button secretly and it showed lie on the screen with red color. That was the fun with my brother and he got irritated on my first question and scared that I would tell our mom. He was afraid of mom that if got aware of his girl-friend. He would be scolded and pressurized to study that he doesn’t like anymore.  It was fun that night.

After that, I started playing this application with my friends in the park and the way I asked a question they always get into a trap and the screen shows lie.

If you want to test this application with anyone just scan the thumb on the screen and for true (green color) you have to push the volume up button and for false you have to push volume down button. It will automatically show on the screen.


Check out a quick video.

Just download the application clicking on the link.






Flipaclip : Cartoon Animation - appbaap.com
flip a clip is a video animation application. Animate your 2-Dimensional video with few minutes

Do you love doing animations?


Well, my dear ones I have an amazing application name FLIPACLIP which has all awesome effects of creating any animation that an artist wants. You can make any animation you want to draw. Its features show the application is a bonanza in the app store.


How it’s a bonanza in the app store? Want to know about its features?

If you have to start any animation it defines that you are starting a project. Draw the project. If we will talk about its features it is a blockbuster in the Google App store because from this application we could be able to create endless 2 Dimensional animations.


Want to know more?

Let’s gets started with introducing this application and its features and how to work with that?


  • Project and its settings- To start a project click on the + tab after installing this application then name your animation (give a name), choose background(let’s pick custom or applications background), choose canvas size(The background-size of the animation), choose frames per second(add frames) and then click on create project.
  • You are entered in a tools area which is most important and necessary to make an animation from Flipaclip.
  1. Pen- click on it and then it will show you its three effects are changing any color, change the pen size (slide the second option here and there it will show you increase and decrease in its tip), change pen, pencil, brush or marker.
  2. Eraser- Use this magic eraser (change size, darkness, softness with its given effects) just click on the eraser.
  3. Lasso tool- Draw a lasso around the object and then rotate it accordingly frame by frame.
  4. Colour dropper- Add any color in your creations.
  5. Text- You can add any text in your animation to express your art.
  6. Layer- Add layers (create an object and then arrange layers according to your animation).
  7. Scale- Add a scale to compress your object layer by layer as well as frames by frames. It can be a line, circle or a square-shaped scale.
  8. Audio- Add the audio if you want to make your creation best and real and then convert it into a movie by clicking on a movie option.
  9. Copy frame- You can also create objects and save the copies.
  10. Frame viewer- Add or remove as well as rearrangement of frames by clicking on frame viewer.
  11. Projects settings- Change project settings at any time.
  12. Addition in animation- Add an image, add video and make a movie.


How many benefits will I get from the premium version?

  • Onion settings- control unlimited frames before or after opacity.
  • Grid settings- Modify the size and opacity.
  • Add your audio.
  • Add video- limit removed.
  • Remove Flipaclip watermark.
  • More layer options.
  • Onion advanced settings.
  • Backup project to file.
  • Remove ads.
  • Custom Canvas size.
  • Export as a PNG image sequence.
  • Include all premium features at on time.

check out a quick video.


NOTE 1: – You will need a stylus to handle this application.

NOTE 2: – You can sell your creations online after making it.

Just use the first time and you will love spending time with it and it will make you learn an art. Just click the link to download.





6. Reverse movie FX- Magic video.

Let’s do a Magic today!

What do you think after listening to magic?


Reverse Movie effects - appbaap.com
Now you can do many magic tricks with this application to surprise your friends.


Can we do real magic or maybe a prank on people?

When I heard the powerful word ‘ MAGIC’. I got over-excited that how can I do some magic and make my cousins got fooled of with this ultimate trick. If seriously talking about installing this application. You won’t get to know anything about magic but you can reverse your videos and making fool of others with the magic tricks you are practicing at home by showing your video.


Let’s Do This?

Want to know how does it will start?

I was talking about ‘MAGIC’ and how to make it possible to do it. Let’s discuss with a simple example in steps.

  1. Take the paper.
  2. Burn it.


Use the application and reverse the video. What will be shown after reversing the video?

  1. Firstly, it will show the burning part.
  2. Then in a continuous mode, it will show the full paper that how a fire in the paper again makes the full paper.




See this ‘MAGIC’.

Now say three times.

I want to do magic!

I want to do magic!

I want to do magic!



hehehe!!! Again I prank on you.

Don’t you think it’s seriously a MAGIC? Sitting at home. Nothing doing just using your brain and working over it to reverse the video and finally see the ‘MAGIC’ of your creative works.


How to use this application?

  • Install the application.
  • Click on Start reverse
  • Record a movie or choose a movie in your gallery.
  • Click start and choose the reversing option and wait for it until it gets completed.



How many new benefits we will be having?

  1.  You will get an amazing application having Video effects as well as filters (Free installation and use).
  2. Get access to HD quality, many more examples and no ads (Pro or Full version).
  3. Get to know the creation of reversing videos by looking over the given examples.

check out a quick video.

Try this application and any time, just click the link.


Here,  I explained all the 6 applications and I love using them as these are my pass time and top entertaining based app.


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